Recent scientific research, backed by two Nobel Prize-winning medical doctors, has confirmed the following observations:

Chronic stress is the primary factor behind :

  • accelerated ageing
  • increased incidence of cancers
  • the onset of neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s
  • an increased risk of cardiovascular disease
  • a decreased level of telomerase, with telomere shortening/li>

BUT THERE IS GOOD NEWS: this process can be reversed!

REBALANCE® Impulse actively reduces chronic stress, while increasing and protecting your telomerase levels.

Stimulating and lengthening your telomeres will increase your healthy life expectancy

An unparalleled experience of relaxation and revitalization.

REBALANCE® Impulse is an extraordinary device that combines the leading advances in applied neuroscience, neurotechnology, sound therapy, chromotherapy and zero gravity ergonomics to create the most effective stress-reduction experience ever observed.

After a few 30-minute sessions, and sometimes after just the first one, each user discovers his or her ideal relaxation method and unlocks the keys to controlling stress in the long term. Stress diminishes, the level of vitality increases – these are the signs of balance being restored.

An unparalleled experience of relaxation and revitalization.
Rebalance Impulse
A 100% non-invasive method

The exercices and techniques include:
• Breathing exercises and techniques chromorhythm-based,
• Guided mental imagery,
• Cardiac coherence,
• Mindfulness training,
• Full body chromotherapy protocol,
• Sound therapy protocol,
• Binaural synchrotherapy protocol,
• Synchromotherapy protocol
• Advanced meditation exercises.

Personalized and interactive sessions.

REBALANCE Impulse is personalized and able to evolve over time.
It is personalized and able to evolve over time. It adapts and adjusts in real time thanks to data transmitted by its various sensors.
The user can use an app to view the results of each session, including performance indicators (relaxation and vitalization indices).

Users can wear ordinary street clothes for the sessions – but comfortable or loose-fitting attire is recommended.

Health and wellbeing benefits

The main benefits obtained from REBALANCE Impulse sessions are:

• Chronic stress reduction
• Decreased blood pressure of hypertensive people
• Better-quality sleep
• Stronger immune system
• A restored, enhanced level of vitality
• Increased recovery speed
• Increased ability to concentrate and memorize
• Increased brain agility
• Telomere protection and lengthening (anti-ageing effect).

Preventing and alleviating chronic stress is both a goal for individual wellbeing and a public health issue.

REBALANCE Impulse targets wellness centers, thalassotherapy centers, anti-ageing clinics, high-performance wellbeing centers, medical spas, and training and recovery centers for professional athletes.
REBALANCE Impulse allows professionals to enhance their own offers with a cutting-edge product that is spectacular to use and generates great results.
The REBALANCE Impulse experience allows to complete the commercial offer  of an establishment by a cutting-edge concept, particularly remarkable in its operating and results.
REBALANCE Impulse belongs at the heart of any anti-stress, anti-ageing, slimming, anti-jetlag or anti-addiction program. It’s a powerful treatment that optimizes and guarantees the effectiveness of these programs.

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REBALANCE Impulse is an innovative solution to track the program’s effectiveness using objective metrics sensations that users clearly perceive and feel are also checked and tangibly demonstrated using Neurofeedback & Biofeedback analysis.

The Neurofeedback headband reads brain activity in real time. The technology is similar to that used to carry out an EEG. The headband only records brainwaves; it does not produce or emit any waves.

The Biofeedback wristband allows to read physiological activity in real time.

These two devices offer very high performance and are perfectly suited to the REBALANCE Impulse Impulse experience. All the neurofeedback & biofeedback data is analyzed in real time by the REBALANCE Impulse. Results and progress achieved during the sessions are recorded in the app (available on smartphone and tablet) and displayed in charts, along with a measurement of the time spent in deep relaxation.


The REBALANCE app is the preferred means of communication between users, coaches and REBALANCE studio.

With the app, users can:
• View the history of REBALANCE sessions (results and progress of sessions, presented as a series of data points, charts and measurements of the time spent in deep relaxation).
• Select the objectives of the session.
• Read information and advice about a healthy lifestyle, nutrition and physical activity.
• Reserve one or more sessions in a REBALANCE studio.
• Fill in the questionnaire to enroll in the REBALANCE Impulse.
• Pre-select the soundtrack to accompany the session.
• Receive a daily piece of advice for getting in shape, as well as a daily thought “for meditation”.

More about Rebalance

Four years of research and development were required to design and create the software and equipment of the REBALANCE Impulse program. This project mobilized an international, multidisciplinary team of doctors, neuroscientists, researchers, IT developers and electronics engineers.

Co-Founder and CEO
Master’s degree “General Management”, ESSEC Business School, Paris

After 10 years in engineering and development consulting for private and institutional investors within the hospitality and lodging industry, Philippe Avice founded in 1999, TIA Asset Management, which in less than 10 years, became one of the leading companies in hospitality turnarounds. Avice is a pioneer in the field of operational asset management and turnaround techniques for hospitality assets.

From 2003 to 2009, he also held the position of Executive Director of the Lodging and Hospitality division of Hudson Advisors Germany (exclusive asset manager of Lone Star Funds).
From 2010 to 2015, in the capacity of operating partner, he provided investment guidance and managed turnarounds for private equity funds invested in distressed hospitality assets (Lone Star Funds, Blackstone, Benson & Elliott).

Following a lifelong passion for sports and healthy living, he created a training and recovery center for world-class athletes in the South of France in 2012.
This center has hosted a large number of professional athletes and teams as they prepared for the Olympics or other major international competitions.

Co-Founder and COO
MBA graduate in Finance, Chapman University, California

After managing an information technology firm for five years, Corinne Klucik joined TIA Asset Management Ltd in 2001 to manage the Software and Multimedia Department.
In 2003, she became Chief Administrative Officer and since 2007, she has served as TIA’s Chief Operating Officer. She led the organization’s strategy and monitored daily operations. She was
responsible for monitoring staffing levels and Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSAs) to serve organizational requirements.

As part of TIA’s asset turnaround projects, Klucik has held the role of CEO, managing the operations of a European portfolio of 27 four-star and five-star hotels.
She created a full range of products specifically for spas and thalassotherapy centers, while also spearheading projects to create or reposition spas (concept, procedures, recruitment and training) in Europe and North Africa.
She holds a diploma in Spa Management from the Chiva-Som Academy in Bangkok, Thailand.

CTO (Chief Technical Officer)
Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering, Ecole Polytechnique, Montreal

Yannick Adam has joined the project back in 2012. He has played an instrumental role in building and developing the product, from the initial prototype to the current full-fledged Rebalance Impulse solution. His experience as a software engineer and his passion for digital electronics put him in the right position to lead the continued development of the solution.
Adam is also an Expert Frontend Architect within the Amadeus Group, having held various software development and leadership roles over the past 13 years. Amongst these roles, he has successfully led a team of over 50 software developers, producing an online reservation application for airline customers.
Always keeping up-to-date with the latest trends in technology, he has completed several online classes related to his field.

OSA (Official Scientific Advisor)
MD-PhD & Knight of the Order of Grimaldi
Former Intern, Public Hospitals of Paris – Paris VI (Pierre et Marie Curie University)
Applied Neurosciences and NeuroNutrition (Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston)
Specialist physician (C.E.S in Neuropsychiatry – University Paris VI)
Specialist in Neurosciences & NeuroNutrition – Founder of WHealth & IN2A Institute
Administrator – Founder & Administrator of FortePharma Lab. – Pharmaceutical Laboratories
Official consultant for Professional Sports
Arsenal Stadium Football Club (UK: 1998-2008)
Monaco Football Club (FIFA) 1992-2000
Fulham Stadium Professional Football (UK)
Nagoya G.E. Toyota-City (Japan - 1997)
Professional Racing Car (FIA): 1991-2001 (Formula 1 - 24 Hours of Le Mans - World Rally
Lawn Tennis (ATP Tour): 1991-2007

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